Air Barriers - The Difference

We're often asked, "What's different about Enershield Air Barriers to other air curtain concepts?"
  • Designed to create a seal across an open door to help stabilise internal temperature and minimise ingress of external contaminated air.
  • High-efficiency performance and effective on an external door that is subject to a wind force.
  • Uniformed and laminar airflow produced with a minimum velocity to project the airflow to the floor.
Demonstrating air barrier for a forklift
  • Bespoke design, with air barrier model selected and manufactured for every individual application.
  • Unheated and low energy drive motors.
  • Automatically controlled on door movement.
  • Simple design and installation suitable for almost every entrance.
Demonstrating air barrier

The strength of an air barrier follows the formula: Mass x Velocity squared.  This means an air barrier that blows at twice the speed has 4 times the wind stopping capability at the same air volume. 

The installations take place across the UK, Europe, the MENA region and Australia, which all deal with differing climates and environmental challenges. Furthermore, all the installations are backed by measured data. This is a proven solution over and over again. But don’t just take our word for it, you can view our case studies by clicking HERE