Maintaining Temperature & Saving Energy at Belfast International Airport

Key Objectives

  • Maintain thermal comfort
  • Energy Efficiency

The Challenge

Due to the high footfall and continuous use of their doors, it was very difficult to maintain a comfortable internal temperature. The temperature loss was affecting the overall thermal comfort, thus creating associated problems with staff and passengers’ comfort and higher energy costs.

The Solution

We conducted a detailed site survey and proposed the installation of two Mircroshield Air Barriers over each doorway. These Air Barriers have been designed with two automatic actuators, meaning the Air Barriers, only operated when the doors were opened.

To evaluate their effectiveness, we recorded the temperature within a one meter range of the entrances while studying both doors— one with the Enershield Air Barrier turned off and the other turned on. The results were striking: when the unprotected door opened, there was a sudden thermal exchange, leading to an internal temperature drop to less than 10 degrees. In contrast, the protected doorway maintained a set point temperature of over 16 degrees even with the door open. This demonstration showcases the highly effective sealing capabilities of the Enershield Air Barriers as promised.

Additionally, the Enershield Air Barriers not only maintained the internal temperature, they also prevented the ingress of smoke, odours, and other airborne contaminants. This contributed to improved air quality and general cleanliness. The terminal’s staff and passengers reported a more comfortable environment and a reduction in heat loss and energy consumption has also been noticed.Air B