CPA Engineered Solutions Ltd, Acquires Enershield Air Barriers, establishing CPA Engineered Solutions (Canada) as the New Home for the Enershield Air Barriers manufacturing and distribution in Canada and North America

CPA Engineered Solutions, a leading engineering solutions provider, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of Enershield Air Barriers, best-in-class Air Barrier solutions. With this strategic move, Enershield Air Barriers now joins the CPA Group, positioning CPA Engineered Solutions (Canada) as the new home for Enershield Air Barriers in Canada and North America.

The acquisition of the Enershield brand by CPA Engineered Solutions Ltd, and the creation of CPA Engineered Solutions (Canada) Ltd, demonstrates CPA’s commitment to expanding its portfolio of industry-leading solutions and further solidifies its presence in the Canadian and North American markets.

“We are thrilled to announce our ownership of the Enershield Air Barriers brand and its integration into the CPA Group,” said Alan Collin, CEO of the CPA Group. “This strategic acquisition allows us to leverage our expertise and resources, along with the proven track record we have established with Enershield Air Barriers in Europe, to deliver unmatched Air Barrier solutions to our valued clients in Canada and North America. We are excited about the opportunities this brings and look forward to providing innovative best-in-class Air Barrier solutions that optimize energy efficiency and enhance operational performance for our customers.”

With an established history in Canada, the Enershield Air Barriers brand is poised to regain its position of excellence under our ownership. Now, with the manufacturing and distribution capabilities of CPA Engineered Solutions (Canada), Enershield Air Barriers will revitalize, becoming synonymous with unparalleled quality and innovation. Our dedicated efforts will ensure that the Enershield Air Barriers deliver exceptional Air Barrier solutions that surpass industry standards and meet the evolving needs of businesses across Canada and North America. Together, Enershield Air Barriers and CPA Engineered Solutions (Canada) are committed to establishing a legacy of excellence in the Air Barrier industry.

“We are delighted to be bringing Enershield Air Barriers back to Canada and embarking on this new chapter in our journey,” commented Dan Hallihan, General Manager of CPA Engineered Solutions (Canada). “Operating under the CPA Engineered Solutions (Canada) umbrella, Enershield Air Barriers will continue to build upon its legacy in the Canadian & North American markets. With CPA’s comprehensive engineering solutions, we are excited to further advance our Air Barrier systems and provide our customers with cutting-edge solutions that meet their evolving needs.”

The integration of Enershield Air Barriers into the CPA Group represents a dedication to engineering excellence and innovation in Air Barrier systems. With manufacturing operations located in both Canada and Scotland, this strategic alignment reinforces our joint commitment to delivering world-class solutions.

In Canada and North America, Enershield Air Barriers will be manufactured by the team at CPA Engineered Solutions (Canada), ensuring the highest standards of quality and precision tailored specifically for this region. A comprehensive global presence will be maintained by our manufacturing facility in Scotland.

This strategic distribution allows for a seamless transition for our valued clients, while also expanding our offering with an enhanced range of high-quality Air Barrier systems. By capitalizing on the expertise and resources of both Canadian and Scottish manufacturing operations, we are well-positioned to meet the diverse needs of customers worldwide.

At CPA Group, our unwavering commitment to providing exceptional products and services remains at the forefront. Through this integration, we are empowered to deliver cutting-edge Air Barrier solutions that optimize energy efficiency, enhance operational performance, and contribute to sustainable environments. We are proud to offer tailored solutions that meet the evolving demands of our customers on a global scale.

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