Frequently Asked Questions

By re-circulating internal facility air across an open door to create an effective seal which reduces the natural transfer of air.  Think of it as a ‘virtual door’.

A heated air curtain is designed to provide warmth at an entrance to blanket and condition ingress of cold external air. An air barrier is unheated and provides an unrestricted airflow designed to create a seal across an open door and reduce ingress of cold external air. For more information read our blog Air Barriers – The Difference.

The air barrier will help to protect against erratic fluctuations in internal temperature. By stabilising temperature within heated or air conditioned spaces this will reduce the cycling of your temperature controlling equipment.

We select the most appropriate air barrier solution based on clear opening dimensions of the entrance and conditions within the space. These conditions can be affected by external exposure and by other HVAC equipment. We always recommend contacting us with your enquiry so we can help with model selection.  

Complete the contact form on this website or make a telephoned/emailed enquiry. One of our technical product specialists are always available to assist with any level of enquiry.

An air barrier can be used on almost any type of doorway that has clearance above the opening to surface mount the air barrier. An air barrier cannot be recessed into a ceiling void or replace a physical door.

The most important service measure to ensure continued performance and reliability of your air barrier is to keep it clean. The external air intake and internal blowers should always be cleaned regularly. Your authorised service provider can provide you with a recommended service plan based on the conditions within your space and the frequency of use.