How we helped Strathmore Mineral Water save over 30% in Energy costs

Key Objectives

  • Maintain internal temperature
  • improve staff comfort

The Challenge

Due to the nature of the business and the frequency that the door was being used, it was proving difficult for AG Barr to maintain the internal temperature of the warehouse area.


After a detailed site survey, we proposed that the best solution was to install an Enershield US 168 over the doorway.  This air barrier technology creates a virtual door by re-circulating internal facility air and forcing it across an opening which creates a robust seal.  This seal separates the atmospheres on either side and reduces the transfer of temperature, humidity, dust, odours and insects.  It is auto activated on door movement and allows access for vehicular and personnel traffic to move freely through the airflow without obstruction.

After installation, Strathmore immediately turned off two 22kW radiant gas heaters while maintaining ambient comfort levels.  The business closely monitors their gas usage, with their main KPI being their total kWh per tonne of product.  Comparing like for like periods, energy analysis confirmed a reduction in gas use of 3,000 kWh per week, a saving of 30%.  Ten years on this one air barrier has helped save over £41,000 in energy costs.  The additional benefit of the laminar airflow also meant a noticeable difference in the ingress of outside pollutants, like dust and other debris.