Huge Enershield Air Barrier

With the uncertainty around energy prices in recent years, now more than ever, optimising your facility’s operational efficiency while curbing energy costs has become a necessity for industrial and retail industries alike.
Enershield Air Barriers have become a viable solution, suitable for a wide variety of industries. Their ability to separate two differing environments using re-circulated air enables facilities to maximise its energy optimisation.
We wanted to break down some of the specific sectors where implementing our solutions yields the most significant benefits.

Manufacturing Sector – Enhancing Climate Control and Productivity 

Consistency and control over your internal environments are paramount within manufacturing facilities. Whether you’re handling electronics, pharmaceuticals, or food processing, they all require precise conditions to adhere to industry quality standards.
Enershield Air Barriers effectively maintain the separation of two different environments (whether internal or external), allowing for consistent climate control while reducing unnecessary energy wastage.


Warehousing and Distribution – Mitigating Energy Loss and Contaminant Entry

Warehouse with boxes and forklift truck

Warehouses and distribution centres are very very familiar with the challenge of maintaining a consistent and comfortable environment amidst the constant activity of their facilities. Frequently used doors, essential for operations, often lead to two significant issues: the ingress of cold air during the winter months, and the loss of valuable cooled air during the heat of summer. This constant struggle not only impacts energy efficiency but also raises concerns about contamination control, illustrating the intricate balancing act inherent in daily operations.

Cold & Chilled Storage Facilities  – Preserving Chilled Environments Ensuring Product Integrity 

cold storage door with forklifts entering

In this environment, preserving low temperatures goes beyond basic operational requirements; it’s a pivotal element that reinforces product integrity.  Enershield Air Barriers are specifically designed & manufactured to help maintain internal temperatures, offering cold storage facilities several advantages when it comes to separating two different environments.  Enershield Air Barriers reduce the influx of external ambient air, helping to maintain the set point temperature required in these spaces.
Periods, where doors to your cold storage are left open, can impact the effectiveness of your cold storage spaces and in turn, the quality of your products. With their innovative design and smooth laminar airflow, Enershield Air Barriers address the issue strategically by creating an effective seal between two distinct environments, whether internal or external.

Retail and Commercial Spaces – Ensuring Customer Comfort and Energy Conservation 

Microshield Air Barrier over retail doorway Enershield Air Barriers in retail and commercial settings serve a dual purpose. Not only do they maintain comfortable indoor temperatures for customers and employees they also provide improved efficiency of your already-installed heating and cooling solutions by mitigating fluctuations in internal temperatures. In open storefronts or shopping centres, Enershield Air Barriers help keep internal temperatures consistent, helping to lower energy costs.


While we’ve focused on key sectors that benefit from this technology, it’s important to note that Enershield Air Barriers are fundamentally adaptable, and designed to meet the specific challenges and needs of a broad spectrum of industries.  This flexibility highlights the potential of Enershield Air Barriers to be an asset in more industries than those we have already mentioned. From ensuring product integrity and maintaining comfortable environments to optimising energy efficiency, the versatility of our Air Barrier solutions makes them an ideal choice for meeting the diverse challenges of different sectors.

If your industry-specific needs haven’t been explicitly addressed here, you can be confident that our solutions are designed to cater to a wide array of applications, contributing to enhanced operational efficiency and energy conservation across industries.  If you would like to know more about how Enershield Air Barriers can benefit your industry, e-mail

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