Creating a Clean & Comfortable Indoor Environment for a Whisky Distiller

Key Objectives

  • Maintain production area temperature
  • Keep out flying pests and dust ingress

The Challenge

The proximity of the loading bay in the dry goods area to that of the production area means the doorway between the two is frequently used. This resulted in a problem when trying to maintain the internal temperature.  The door does close, however, thermal transfer has already happened resulting in noticeable temperature change.


After a detailed site survey, we proposed the best solution would be an Enershield Ultrashield US-144 unit over the doorway.  This unit is designed and fitted with an auto-actuator meaning that the unit only activates when the doors are opened.

Our post installation analysis shows that the air barrier is successfully maintaining the internal temperature. The temperature dropped by over 7 degrees Centigrade after the door was opened for 5 minutes. Although not a key objective for the team, the primary function of the air barrier is to save energy. Thus, we were able to quantify this showing a significant cost saving to the facilities team with a proposed return on investment of one and half years. 

The feedback from the production staff is positive and they have noticed a difference in the internal temperature.  One key objective was to prevent the ingress of flying pests. This has been achieved along with the additional benefit of the cleanliness of the area. It is due to the laminar air flow of the air barrier, that the ingress of outside pollutants, like dust and other outside debris are prevented from entering.