Commercial Air Barriers

Helping Maintain Internal Temperature

Enershield developed three distinct air barrier systems; Comfortshield, Durashield and Durashield HD, specifically to combat the challenges associated with large entrance doorways.  Helping improve access time and providing an energy-saving solution, they are ideal for various commercial uses such as Airports, Universities, Hospitals, Hospitality, Museums, Cold Storage and Loading Bays.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduces thermal transfer of air
  • Stabilises internal temperatures
  • Suitable for refrigerated and freezer storage
  • Reduce wear & tear on heating & cooling systems
  • Enhanced comfort for occupants in the area
  • Enables the removal of plastic strip curtains
  • Saves energy
  • Protects inventory and packaging
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduce ingress of contaminated air and improves indoor air quality
Durashield HD

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