Key Objectives

The Challenge

Our customer faced a significant issue with frost build-up in their freezer room. When the doors were opened, the ingress of moisture-laden ambient air resulted in a constant accumulation of frost on all surfaces within the storage area, including on the finished products. Traditional PVC strip curtains were installed at the doors to minimise air movement. However, they proved ineffective in controlling the temperature and were prone to frost accumulation, which reduced visibility. Additionally, the frost fell from the curtains as personnel entered the freezer room posing a slip hazard. Maintaining the set point temperature in the freezer room was challenging due to the loss of cold air and the ingress of warm air. The evaporator chiller system had to operate at full capacity to compensate for these temperature losses. The temperature differential between the freezer floor and ceiling meant the room’s highest shelves could not be used effectively.

The Solution

After conducting a detailed site survey and understanding the challenge comprehensively, we specified and vertically installed an Enershield DSH model across the freezer store door. Enershield Air Barriers create a smooth laminar airflow across an opening, providing up to a 90% seal and efficiently separating two environments. The installation successfully eliminated freezer temperature losses and the ingress of ambient air. Consequently, the ice and frost issues were dramatically reduced, and the PVC strip curtains were removed. No further freezer room defrosts were required, allowing personnel to access the room without restrictions, thus eliminating safety hazards.

Additionally, following the installation, the client observed that their evaporator units could maintain the set point temperature, meaning reduced maintenance and running costs, resulting in significant financial savings. The Enershield Air Barrier recirculates the freezer room air, effectively de-stratifying the room air and equalising the temperature throughout. As a result, the storage capacity in the freezer increased, enabling the use of the highest shelves of the storage racking.

Enershield Air Barrier vertically installed in Freezer

The Result

Chiller unit with frost build upChiller unit with no frost build up