Optimising freezer temperature Control and Reducing Costs

Key Objectives

The Challenge

Ensuring the optimal freezer temperatures and improving cost efficiency are critical requirements for Eyemouth freezers.

The transfer of air between the ambient and chilled environments, as well as between the chilled and frozen areas, poses significant challenges, particularly when fast action doors are frequently opened. The freezer room temperature struggled to reach -19°C despite full chiller capacity.

This environmental transfer not only compromises precise temperature control but also results in heightened energy consumption and increased operating costs for Eyemouth Freezers’ operations.

The Solution

After conducting a thorough assessment of the site and understanding the issues, we concluded that the most effective solution was the installation of two Enershield Durashield Air Barriers, one on each chilled and freezer room door.

Enershield Air Barrier technology recirculates internal facility air and forces it across the opening, creating a robust seal. This industry leading seal stabilises internal temperatures, ensuring consistent and optimal conditions. Enershield Durashield Air Barriers have proven to be highly effective for Eyemouth Freezers.

The freezer temperature is now much easier to regulate, as the ingress of ambient air has been drastically minimised when the fast action doors are open. Consequently, the chillers do not need to work as hard to maintain a constant temperature. This is expected to significantly reduce energy costs. Furthermore, Eyemouth Freezers were able to remove the strip curtains from the doors, meaning enhanced visibility within the facility, improving site safety.

The Result

Enershield air barriers have proven extremely valuable for us. They have optimised temperature control, reduced energy costs, and positively impacted site safety. The initial results of the first Air Barrier convinced us to purchase a second, confirming the unquestionable value of Enershield Air Barriers.

Mark McQuater- Engineering manager