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This year the AHR Expo is in Chicago, home of the Blues and the Blues Brothers. So, how fitting that Enershield Air Barriers is Getting the Band Back Together.

Enershield Air Barriers is set to make a notable appearance at this January’s AHR Expo in Chicago, kicking off its next chapter under the ownership of CPA Engineered Solutions. This event, a crucial gathering for HVACR professionals, marks the first major public engagement since Enershield Air Barriers’ integration into the CPA Group.

Earlier this year, CPA Engineered Solutions, a prominent figure in the engineering industry, announced its acquisition of the Enershield Air Barriers’ brand. This strategic acquisition places it under the extensive CPA Group umbrella, designating CPA Engineered Solutions (Canada) Ltd as the North American headquarters for the brand.

The AHR Expo presents an ideal opportunity to celebrate renewed ownership and showcase innovative product developments.

We are excited to introduce the innovative Enershield Air Barikade® – a cutting-edge heated Air Barrier. This technology uses individually generated air flows. The Air Barikade efficiently creates a seal to prevent the loss of heated air, while a separate and heated airflow acts in parallel to provide added warmth. With these two airflows, the innovative Air Barikade delivers an industry first where the sealing capability of the Enershield Air Barrier is delivered with the comfort of gentle space heating without the associated energy losses. The Air Barikade is activated in conjunction with the door’s operation. It can also be thermostatically controlled; the heated air flow can also be operated independently to provide fully controllable space heating for your building entrance. To Discover More click  HERE

Come and experience this revolutionary technology at our booth S10277.

AHR 2024 Stand

We look forward to seeing you!  You can register by clicking HERE.


®Air Barikade, logo, and design are registered trademarks of CPA Engineered Solutions Ltd part of the CPA Group

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