How Enershield Air Barriers can support your industrial heating

Large door in warehouse

Working in facilities with large doorway openings, you might think keeping the internal temperature consistent is impossible. Even with air conditioning units working constantly, the energy spent keeping your workers at a comfortable temperature is wasted once that door opens. Your facility might already have its own solution: cranking the heaters up in Winter or using cooling units in Summer? The truth is – there is a much better solution. It is more economical than heavy usage of heaters or air conditioning units and still means that your workers can stay in a more comfortable environment.

Enershield Air Barriers. Industrial in strength and size 
Whether you’re prioritising staff comfort or want to avoid wasting energy reheating or cooling your internal space, Enershield Air Barriers offer a solution that works on doors and openings of all sizes.  Ranging from standard 2m (6.6ft) high footfall personnel doors, all the way to 17m (55ft) tall bay doors.

Enershield Air Barrier size guide

In your facility, every doorway, no matter how big or small, is unique – requiring tailored precision. That’s why each Enershield Air Barrier is designed and manufactured to order, ensuring you get the exact solution you need to manage your energy costs most efficiently.  With Enershield Air Barriers, you can ensure that your facility’s internal environment remains separated from the external one. The smooth laminar airflow, not only stabilises the temperature of two environments, Enershield Air Barriers can also keep out particulate matter and flying insects to preserve product integrity and maintain your facility’s hygiene standards.

Save up to 15 units of energy for every one unit used by an Enershield Air Barrier.
Enershield Air Barriers only use a small amount of energy  – operating automatically as soon as the door opens.
This can help you reduce your site’s energy costs, but most importantly, our Enershield Air Barriers are one of the few solutions on the market that enable large-scale facilities to manage energy loss with openings over 11.5m (38ft).

Enershield Xtremeshield over a large door

You might think heating large areas such as warehouses or hangars to be a waste of energy, especially as most of the heat will get trapped in the upper part of the building. Enershield Air Barriers can aid in the destratification of your internal environments by forcing the heat back down to the occupancy level. 

This stabilisation of your environments means your industrial heating systems can operate at a much higher level of efficiency thanks to the mitigations of any fluctuation through external factors.  To read more about the potential ROI an Enershield Air Barrier can present click here.

The benefits of managing your internal environment go beyond just enhancing employee well-being. Effective control of heating or air conditioning is essential not only to prevent dampness or damage but also to maintain optimal operational conditions. In sectors such as retail, significant investment; often thousands of pounds, is directed towards heating units to sustain the appropriate temperature. Consider also the financial impact associated with the frequent opening of doors, necessary for the movement of vehicles, products, or personnel. This is where Enershield Air Barriers prove invaluable. They ensure the maintenance of internal temperatures efficiently, while facilitating uninterrupted operations.

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