Saving money

When investing in new technologies for your facility, decisions will often be based on the answer to a single question: “What sort of return on investment can I expect?”
Every business carefully monitors where its money is going, which is why it is imperative that any investment results in marked improvements to operations. A major contributing factor to operational improvements is tightening up OpEx. And, from our experience, the cost of energy has had a significant impact on this.
Sourcing solutions, therefore, that will ultimately optimise your energy usage can provide significant ROI.

Reduce energy costs  
Choosing Enershield Air Barriers means selecting a solution that offers the best chance at effectively and efficiently keeping different environments separate, especially when they have high footfall between them.
Businesses suffer high energy bills when a room or space requires heating or air conditioning, compounded when the movement of people in and out needs to remain unrestricted. Through any open doorway, there is an inevitable thermal exchange across the threshold that causes air conditioning units to work harder to maintain an optimal environment.
The laminar airflow created by an Enershield Air Barrier forces facility air downwards from the unit and back into the room. This stabilises the internal conditions by reducing fluctuations caused by external environments.
Although Enershield Air Barriers consume energy during their operation, they can provide significant net energy savings when reducing the thermal exchange between two environments.

Outperform alternatives 
We manufacture every Enershield Air Barrier with a focus on long-lasting, robust materials, designed to stand the test of time – even in the harshest conditions.
Regular servicing by a qualified member of the Enershield team will allow you to maintain a high level of performance, further adding to your product’s effectiveness and ROI.  Enershield Air Barriers’ solid construction and innovative design is engineered to provide your facility with an up to 90% seal across an open threshold. This level of performance is unmatched by an air curtain or PVC strips, making Enershield Air Barriers the best option for facilities needing to enhance energy efficiency and comfort between multiple environments.

Tailored Return on Investment (ROI) Calculations
The potential ROI with Enershield Air Barriers is influenced by various factors such as your facility’s size, location, and existing energy consumption.
That’s why our approach is tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experts can carry out an in-depth survey of your premises to better understand your requirements. From this, we can offer you a realistic and customised ROI projection.
Our analysis takes into account your facility’s needs and energy consumption patterns, giving you a more precise understanding of what energy savings could be possible.
This personalised approach provides a comprehensive view of your investment, focusing on the sustained advantages that Enershield Air Barriers can offer your business.

When you choose Enershield Air Barriers, you’re investing in a solution that delivers energy savings and comfort for years to come, maximising your ROI over the long term.
One of our clients has saved over £40,000 since installing an Enershield Air Barrier – Read the full case study here.
If you’re considering ways to improve your facility’s energy efficiency, Enershield Air Barriers serve as a dependable, value-driven option.

Your facility will experience concrete savings on energy costs, proven to you through our personalised ROI calculations. When you choose Enershield Air Barriers, you’re investing in a more efficient future for your facility, not just a product.

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