Maintaining Temperature- Ensuring Comfort and Saving Energy

Key Objectives

The Challenge

Our international partner was asked by Keflavik International airport to deliver a solution that would help improve comfort for passengers and staff. The international arrivals door experiences a very high footfall and maintaining a comfortable environment in the terminal building adjacent to this door was a challenge. The airport experiences high wind speeds and the average min/max temperature of 1-7°C (33-44°F), all of which made this a challenging location.

The Solution

After a detailed site survey, our partner specified our cutting edge Air Barikade®. This heated air barrier combines the advanced airflow technology of our air barrier with a revolutionary method of heat generation. Installed horizontally over the doorway and interlocked with the existing door, the Air Barikade® delivers the sealing capability of an air barrier together with the comfort of gentle space heating. Thermostatically controlled, the heated air flow can also be operated independently to provide fully controllable space heating at the doorway.

The environmental separation created by the Air Barikade® reduces the ingress of external air which subsequently assists with maintaining and stabilising the internal temperature.

The post installation measurement carried out by the airport shows the effect of the innovative Air Barikade® when powered off. This shows up to a 10°C difference between the arrival door being opened with the Air Barikade® powered on and the arrival door being opened with the Air Barikade® powered off.