Optimise Climate Control and Reduce Energy Costs with Doors Open

Key Objectives

The Challenge

The everyday process of continuous movement in and out of their new packhouse facility made it challenging for this berry and stone fruit producer to maintain an internal set point temperature in their refrigerated despatch area. The frequently used external door was causing the internal temperature to ride and in turn, condensation was forming on the floor.

This posed a slip hazard for forklift trucks and a slip hazard for employees.

Additionally, the refrigeration system was working extra hard to maintain the set point temperature, and the client had concerns about rising energy costs.

The Solution

We needed to fully understand the challenge to ensure we established the best solution to meet the clients objectives. After our usual careful assessment of the application, we selected the Durashield (DS- 120) which is designed and constructed to operate in cold storage refrigerated environments and for vehicular traffic. The Durashield air barrier was positioned horizontally across the 3m square external fast-action despatch door. The despatch area is temperature controlled at +3°C. Enershield air barrier technology creates a virtual door by re-circulating internal facility air and forcing it across an opening, creating up to a 90% seal. This industry-leading solution separates the atmospheres on either side of the door and reduces the transfer of temperature, humidity, dust, smoke, odours, and insects. The air barrier system is automatically activated upon door movement and allows for vehicular and personnel traffic to move freely through tge airflow without obstruction.

The Result

Installing the Enershield air barrier has enabled this facility to stabilise and maintain the despatch area temperature at +3° with no temperature rise whilst the door is open. There has been no further reports of the condensation issues and the client is satisfied there is no rising energy costs from the refrigeration equipment because of the door being opened.