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Retail Air Barriers

Helping Your Customers Shop Happy

Enershield developed the Mircorshield Air Barrier and the Comfortshield Air Barrier to meet your retail environment’s needs.  Helping improve shopper dwell time and providing an energy-saving solution, they are ideal for a variety of retail facilities with high footfall such as High Street Shops, Department Stores, Shopping Centres, Grocery & Convenience Stores, and Petrol Filling Stations.

Key Benefits

  • Surface mounted up to 2.7m high
  • Single modules for door widths up to 2.4m
  • Eliminates cold drafts
  • Stabilises internal temperatures
  • Improve employee/customer comfort
  • Maximise leasing opportunities at the entrance
  • Eliminate lobby and supplementary heating
  • Protects refrigerated display cabinets
  • Saves energy
  • Reduce ingress of contaminated air and improves indoor air quality

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