The Benefits of Enershield Air Barriers for Cold Storage

Helping Solve Cold Storage Challenges with Enershield Air Barriers

Cold Storage plays a crucial role in multiple industries, including the food processing, pharmaceutical, and cold chain logistics industries by providing optimal conditions for the storage of perishable goods. Maintaining controlled environments within these facilities is essential to preserve product quality and integrity.  This article explores how Enershield Air Barriers can address these doorway environmental transfer issues and positively impact the cold storage industry.

If you’ve experienced the constant battle against the elements in Cold Storage operations, you know the challenges that come with it.  Cold storage facilities face unique challenges in maintaining constant temperatures, energy efficiency, and contamination prevention.

The challenges faced in providing and maintaining these controlled environments can be acute and can range from, the clash of air temperatures when doors open, to the hazards of condensation, ice, and fog around openings, these can create unsafe conditions and increase operational costs. Enershield Air Barriers provide a highly effective solution to overcome the challenges faced by the cold storage industry.  Enershield Air Barriers’ technology is proven to provide environmental separation between controlled environments and external climatic conditions.  

Controlled environmental conditions: Enershield Air Barriers prevent the transfer of differing environments through an open unprotected doorway or opening. They can reduce the impacts both operationally and aesthetically due to these changes in environmental conditions.

Energy Efficiency: Enershield Air Barriers are highly Energy efficient. By assisting with controlled environmental transfer separation, Enershield Air Barriers can contribute to reduced energy consumption in the operation of these facilities.

Environmental separation: Enershield Air Barriers can act as an effective environmental solution for controlled environments by providing an effective separation between these differing environments and conditions.

Contamination Risks: Enershield Air Barriers can assist with reductions in the transfer of pollutants, dust, flies, and other airborne contaminants with a highly robust seal of air over the entire unprotected opening.

Unobstructed Access and Enhanced Safety: Enershield Air Barriers offer benefits beyond mitigating environmental impacts. They ensure improved safety and accessibility by providing unobstructed doorways and unrestricted access. With the removal of strip curtains personnel and equipment can move freely without hindrance, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Enershield Air Barriers offer an innovative solution by providing a proven, reliable, cost-effective, and energy-efficient means of preserving product quality, integrity and extending shelf life. By investing in Enershield Air Barriers, the cold storage industry can improve operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and enhance customer satisfaction,driving growth and success in this expanding sector.

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